One paper published by CHINA FOUNDRY journal was selected as an excellent paper of the 6th China Association for Science and Technology
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Recently, the selection results of the 6th excellent scientific and technological papers organized by the China Association for Science and Technology were announced. A total of 95 papers were selected, including 10 excellent papers in manufacturing and materials cluster, including the article "The role and impact of 3D printing technologies in casting" (Authors: Jin-wu Kang, and Qiang-xian Ma; Tsinghua University) published in China Foundry in 2017. Selected papers or have made important original innovations in the frontiers of basic research, and have made positive contributions to enriching and developing the discipline system; Or have made important breakthroughs in the field of applied research, solved major engineering and technical problems, and greatly promoted technological innovation and industrial development; Or have reflected the historical background, research status and development trend of a certain branch of discipline with a high academic level and reference value.

The relevant papers published by Professor Kang's team in CHINA FOUNDRY in recent years are as follows:

Jin-wu Kang, Hao-long Shangguan, Fan Peng, Jing-ying Xu, Cheng-yang Deng, Yong-yi Hu, Ji-hao Yi, Tao Huang, Long-jiang Zhang, Wei-min Mao

Hao-long Shangguan, Jin-wu Kang, Ji-hao Yi, Cheng-yang Deng, Yong-yi Hu, Tao Huang

Insulation effect of air cavity in sand mold using 3D printing technology  (Vol. 15, No. 1 of 2018)

Cheng-yang Deng, Jin-wu Kang, Hao-long Shangguan, Tao Huang, Xiao-peng Zhang, Yong-yi Hu, and Tian-you Huang 

About the author:       

Jin-wu Kang, Male, Ph.D., Associate Research of Tsinghua University. His research interest mainly focuses on Intellectualization of material processing-metal solidification forming technology and simulation. To date, he has  presided over 5 national projects, 8 horizontal projects in cooperation with  domestic backbone enterprises, and more than 10 international cooperation projects. He has published more than 200 papers, obtained 28 authorized national invention patents of China, and 19 software copyrights. He is also the deputy director of the Beijing Center of the National Digital Design and Manufacturing Innovation Center, a member of the Expert Committee of the China Foundry Association, and the deputy director of the Casting Quality Control and Inspection Branch of the Foundry Branch of the Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society.

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