Compression behavior of 316L lattice structures produced by indirect additive manufacturing
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Title: Compression behavior of 316L lattice structures produced by indirect additive manufacturing


AuthorYan-peng Wei, Hao Yang, Jing-chang Cheng, Peng Gao, Jian Shi, **Feng Lin, and *Bo Yu

Corresponding author*Bo YuMale, born in 1963, Ph.D., Research Fellow. His research interests mainly focus on the development of advanced functional materials, design and fabrication of porous metals, and directional solidification process for superalloy turbine blade.

**Feng Lin

Abstract: As a new type of lightweight structure, metallic lattice structure has higher stiffness and strength to weight ratio. To freely obtain 316L lattice structures with designed cell structure and adjustable porosity, additive manufacturing combined with investment casting was conducted to fabricate the 316L lattice structures with Kelvin cell. The compression simulation of 316L lattice structures with different porosities was carried out by using the finite element method. The numerical simulation results were verified by compression experiment, and the simulated results were consistent with the compression tests. The compressive mechanical properties of 316L lattice structures are directly related to porosity and independent of strut diameters. The 316L lattice structures with Kelvin cell have a smooth stress-strain curve and obvious plastic platform, and the hump stress-strain curves are avoided.

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