Image processing based three-dimensional model reconstruction for cross-platform numerical simulation
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Title: Image processing based three-dimensional model reconstruction for cross-platform numerical simulation


AuthorYu-cheng Sun, Yu-hang Huang, Na Li, Xiao Han, Ai-long Jiang, *Jin-wu Kang, Ji-wu Wang, and Hai-liang Yu

Corresponding author*Jin-wu Kang: Male, born in 1970, Associate Professor, Ph. D. His research interests mainly focus on the modelling and simulation of casting process and solidification, additive manufacturing and artificial intelligence. His academic research has led to the publication of more than 200 papers.

Abstract: Numerical simulation is the most powerful computational and analysis tool for a large variety of engineering and physical problems. For a complex problem relating to multi-field, multi-process and multiscale, different computing tools have to be developed so as to solve particular fields at different scales and for different processes. Therefore, the integration of different types of software is inevitable. However, it is difficult to perform the transfer of the meshes and simulated results among software packages because of the lack of shared data formats or encrypted data formats. An image processing based method for three-dimensional model reconstruction for numerical simulation was proposed, which presents a solution to the integration problem by a series of slice or projection images obtained by the post-processing modules of the numerical simulation software. By means of mapping image pixels to meshes of either finite difference or finite element models, the geometry contour can be extracted to export the stereolithography model. The values of results, represented by color, can be deduced and assigned to the meshes. All the models with data can be directly or indirectly integrated into other software as a continued or new numerical simulation. The three-dimensional reconstruction method has been validated in numerical simulation of castings and case studies were provided in this study.

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