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CITIC Dicastal aluminum wheel project launches in North America
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On Sept. 10, 2014, CITIC Group Corporation formally approved the aluminum wheel factory project of CITIC Dicastal Co., Ltd. in North America. Then, on Sept. 17, the incentive clauses of the project were approved by the State of Michigan, which signifies the project entering a comprehensive preparatory stage.
    North American Aluminum Wheel Factory is the first aluminum wheel factory that CITIC Dicastal builds overseas, which is a historic step in the internationalization of CITIC Dicastal Co. Ltd.
    CITIC Dicastal Co., Ltd., a global leading manufacturer of aluminum wheels, was established in 1988 by CITIC Group. It is the first aluminum alloy wheel manufacturer on the Chinese mainland. At present, CITIC Dicastal has total assets of CNY 10.2 billion and a registered capital of CNY 780 million. It has 25 production bases, including 6 overseas locations. Its main products include: aluminum alloy wheels, automobile chassis, dynamic assembly, and aluminum automotive body components.

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