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Winners of the best die casting competition in China Diecasting 2014
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Gold award

Winning castings
(1)  Audi A6 suspension bracket
Company: George Fisher Auto Parts (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

(2) DE single layer end cover for high speed rail usage
Company: Zhejiang VNV Metal Products Co., Ltd.

Recognition awards

Winning castings

(1)  EA2111.4 LTSI cylinder by FAW Foundry Co., Ltd., Chengdu Non-ferrous Casting Branch       
(2) Chain chamber cover by Changchun FAW United Die Casting Co., Ltd.
(3) Clutch housing by Suzhou Jincheng Precision Casting Co., Ltd. (exhibitor)
(4) F110.166.02 Filter shell (Vehicles) by Ningbo Huanya Manufactory Co., Ltd.
(5) Cast aluminum radiator (heat sink) by Ningbo Xingyuan Machinery Co., Ltd. (exhibitor)
(6) EA888 engine oil bottom case by Ningbo Chengji Machinery Co., Ltd. (exhibitor)
(7) Dragon framework by Ningbo Zhenhai Die-casting Factory
(8) KNOP by Smart Diecasting Technology (Suzhou) Co,. Ltd.
(9) Piston by Suzhou Jietailong Precision Die Casting Industry Co., Ltd (exhibitor)

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