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The World¡¯s Largest Steel Casting The World¡¯s Largest Steel Casting
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The world's largest steel casting ¡ª the upper beam (or the top head) for free forging oil hydraulic press with a 18,000-ton force capacity, was poured successfully by CITIC Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. (CITICHM) on May 22, 2008. This head piece is 11.95 meters long, 3.8 meters wide, 4.59 meters high and about 520 tons in gross weight. Pouring is the most important and critical step during its manufacturing process. The production of this huge casting requires about 830 tons of refi ned molten steel from 10 smelting furnaces and pouring with six ladles into the mold cavity at one time, which made it currently the world¡¯s largest steel casting poured and the most one-time molten steel organized.

In May 2005, CITIC had ever completed successfully the production of the world's largest top head casting at that time, for the oil hydraulic press with a force capacity of 15,000 tons. The casting weighed about 352 tons and consumed 501 tons of molten steel.

The 18,000-ton oil hydraulic press to be completed  in the end of this year is equipped with an advanced manipulation machine system providing clamping force moment of 750 tons per meter, forming a highly automated platform for forging. Currently, this is the only oil hydraulic press unit worldwide at such advanced levels in both manufacturing specifi cations and technology. Compared with common 10,000-ton oil hydraulic press, the new press has two times higher effi ciency, and it will increase the production capacity of single ingot steel from current 360 tons to 600 tons, and forging capacity from current 190 tons to 400 tons.

CITICHM, the former Luoyang Mining Machinery Plant, mainly produces various types of equipment for digging, lifting, crushing and grinding, cement, metallurgical and rolling, environment protection and power generating applications.

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