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No.4  2017
Mechanism to remove oxide inclusions from molten aluminum by solid fluxes refining method
Effects of returns on composition, microstructure and mechanical properties of GH4169 superalloy
Effects of Cu addition on microstructure and mechanical properties of as-cast Mg-6Zn magnesium alloy
Interfacial heat transfer behavior at metal/die in finger-plated casting during high pressure die casting process
Creep resistance of as-cast Mg-5Al-5Ca-2Sn alloy
Effect of Fe2B boride orientation on abrasion wear resistance of Fe-B cast alloy
Effect of Nd content on microstructure and mechanical properties of as-cast Mg-12Li-3Al alloy
Development of a new instrument for measurement of high temperature mechanical properties of resin-bonded sand
Influence of AlTi3C0.15 modification treatment on damping properties of ZnAl10 alloy
Microstructure of shear-induced thixoformed Al-4.5Cu-1.5Mg alloy via RAP and SSTT processes
Solidification microstructure of centrifugally cast Inconel 625