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No.1  2017
Solidification behavior and rheo-diecasting microstructure of A356 aluminum alloy prepared by self-inoculation method
Effect of phosphorus and heat treatment on microstructure of Al-25%Si alloy
Refinement and fracture mechanisms of as-cast QT700-6 alloy by alloying method
Effect of high pressure on microstructure of cast Mg-8Zn-0.5Zr-0.5Gd alloy
Simulation of casting deformation based on mold surface element method
Microstructure and mechanical properties of a compound reinforced Mg95Y2.5Zn2.5 alloy with long period stacking ordered phase and W phase
Impacts of zinc layer and pouring method on interface performance for Al-22Si/ZL104 bi-metal
Effect of thermophysical property and coating thickness on microstructure and characteristics of a casting
Influence of thermo hydrogen treatment on microstructure and mechanical properties of Ti-5Al-2.5Sn ELI alloy
Effect of heat treatment on structure and magnetic properties of Fe65.5Cr4Mo4Ga4P12C5B5.5 bulk amorphous alloy