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No.2  2016
Fabrication, magnetostriction properties and applications of Tb-Dy-Fe alloys: a review
Distributions of Sr and Fe and their influence on modification of hypoeutectic Al-Si alloy
Effects of Si alloying and T6 treatment on mechanical properties and wear resistance of ZA27 alloys
Effects of grain refinement on cast structure and tensile properties of superalloy K4169 at high pouring temperature
Microstructures, micro-segregation and solidification path of directionally solidified Ti-45Al-5Nb alloy
Modeling of aluminum-silicon irregular eutectic growth by cellular automaton model
Radiation heat transfer model for complex superalloy turbine blade in directional solidification process based on finite element method
Density and solidification feeding model of vacuum counter-pressure cast aluminum alloy under grade-pressuring conditions
Effect of electric pulse modification on mircostructure and properties of Ni-rich Al-Si piston alloy