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Special position (four colors)
1. Front cover
2. Back cover
3. Outside front cover (420x297mm)
4. Front inside cover
5. Back inside cover
The inserted pages A1, A2, A3…An-1, An in front of text (four colors)
1. The page A1 facing front inside cover
2. The page A2
3. The page A3
4. The page A4
5. The page A5
6. The page A6
7. The page A7
8. The page An-5
9. The page An-4
10. The page An-3
11. The page An-1
12. The page An
13. Other
The pages C1, C2, C3, …Cn-1, Cn in the midst of text (four colors)
1. The page C1
2. The page Cn
3. Other
4. The folding page (378x260mm, duo page)
The pages E1, E2, E3, …En-1, En behind text (four colors)
1. The page E1
2. The page En-3
3. The page En-2
4. The page En-1
5. The page En facing back inside cover
6. Other
7. The folding page (378x260mm, duo page)


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