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As the official transaction of the Foundry Institution of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society, FOUNDRY journal (Chinese edition, 16 mo.), ISSN 1001-4977, CN 21-1188/TG, started publication in 1952. The monthly journal is circulated both at home and abroad, and has established exchange relationship with l6 major journals in 12 countries including the US, Japan, Germany, England, France and Russia.

FOUNDRY journal is a miscellaneous magazine in the foundry industry, which covers the fields of cast iron, cast steel and cast non-ferrous alloys, and includes die-casting, investment casting and special casting techniques. It contains all possible contents of materials, technology, instrument and equipment as well as inspection, environment protection, management from both home and abroad.

China is a large foundry nation in the world, and with the development of Chinese national economy and automobile industry, there are now more than 24,000 foundries of various types in China. FOUNDRY journal releases information on technology, production, market and industry activities, and advertises for both Chinese and foreign manufacturers. It provides a platform for companies and people in the foundry industry to communicate, in order to find more business opportunities.

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