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China Foundry Week 2018
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China Foundry Week, started in 2000, is an event co-sponsored by the Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society and the Foundry Productivity Promotion Center of China, and co-organized by the Foundry Institution of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society and Shenyang Zhongzhu Foundry Productivity Promotion Center. After nearly twenty years¡¯ development, the event has become a comprehensive service platform which has a great influence on China¡¯s foundry industry and the most important annual event of foundry workers in China. It has attracted the concern and active participation of many industrial organizations of Europe, America and Asia Pacific for its increasing degree of internationalization, which attracts nearly 1,000 attendants each year.
This platform covers academic and technical exchanges, business management and practice, trading of scientific and technological achievements, recognition and awards, as well as the international exchange and cooperation, and pays close attention to the global industry hot topics, from which the foundry workers can learn advanced technology, scientific research results, and find the market opportunities for development. It has become a high-end cooperation platform of China¡¯s foundry industry and a brand project of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society and the Foundry Industry Productivity Promotion Center of China.
China Foundry Week 2018 is to be held on November 15-17, 2018, in Suzhou city concurrently with CHINACAST2018.
We are now calling for papers and presentations on following topics, and sincerely invite foundry workers actively to share and exchange views and achievements.
1. The practice, development and application of new foundry technologies, processes, materials, products and equipment based on the concept of "green casting";
2. The leading casting technologies including the digitalization, networking and intelligent casting;
3. Measures, technologies and equipment on energy saving, emission reduction and environmental protection of foundry industry;
4. Enterprise management, quality control, and industrial standardization;
5. Prospects forecast on development trend and market of foundry industry;
6. Other topics on theory, technology, research and development, and marketing of foundry industry.
Rules for authors
1. The papers must be original and should not have been published elsewhere.. The abstract should be within 500 words and no charts and the full paper should be no more than 6000 words.
2. The paper should be submitted in Office Word format, three-line table and the original graphs and pictures should be sent by attached file.
3. The full paper should include the title, abstract, key words, text, conclusions and the references.
4. The author's information should include the introduction of the first author, the detailed address of communication, the telephone number and e-mail.
Abstract: July 31, 2018.
Full Paper: August 31, 2018
Ms. Wang Yunxia
Tel: 024-25852311-307
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