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The 11th Asian Foundry Congress (AFC-11)
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The 11th Asian Foundry Congress (AFC-11)
The 11th Asian Foundry Congress (AFC-11)  is to be held in Guangzhou China, from November 12 to 15, 2011. Foundry Institution of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society (FICMES) will be the host of the event. We cordially invite you to participate in the AFC-11.
The congress will be an opportunity for the international community to exchange ideas and develop a common vision for the future of world foundry industry. It will also offer a better chance for all participants to have a deeper understanding of the traditional Chinese culture. Over 300 participants will attend the congress.
In 2010, FICMES successfully held the 69th World Foundry Congress in Hangzhou, China. It has a great significance in promoting the world's foundry industry development.
As the host of the11th Asian Foundry Congress (AFC-11), we will do our best again to provide professional service for all participants, and make the AFC-11 a full success.
Thank you in advance for your coming and joining.
We look forward to seeing you in this November 2011, in China.
Organizing Committee of the AFC-11Foundry Institution of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society
International Advisory Committee
Prof. Sun Guoxiong (China)                     Prof. Li Rongde (China)
Prof. Lou Yanchun (China)                       Prof. Liu Baicheng (China) 
Prof. Bo-Young Hur (Korea)                    Prof. Kyong-whoam Lee (Korea)
Prof. Yoshiki Tsunekawa (Japan)              Prof. Kazuhiko Terashima (Japan)
Prof. Pan Yongning (Taiwan,China)         Prof. Vinod Kapur (India)
Prof. To Duy Phoung (Vietnam)               Porf. Umeda Takateru (Thailand)
Organizing Committee
Chairman: Lou Yanchun
Li Yuanyuan, Huang Weidong, Guo Jingjie, Zhang Libo, Zhu Shigen, Zai Qijie, Zhu Jianxun,
Sun Feng
Academic Committee
Chairman: Sun Guoxiong
Guo Jingjie, Zhu Shigen, Xiong Shoumei, Li Runxia, Sun Xun, Li Wei, Li Wenzhen, Su Yanqing, Nan Hai, Chen Weiping, Li Tingju, Yan Mi, Yang Yitao, Pan Ye, Ye Shengping, Zhao Haidong, Zhou Jingyi, Lu Chen, Mao Weimin, Fan Zitian
Secretary General: Su Shifang
Vice Secretary General: Ge Chenguang, Liu Hongchao, Liu Xiuling
Members: Cao Yang, Li Dafang, Cao Xiumei, Zhu Jiahui, Zhang Chunyan, Qu Xueliang
Titles of Papers (by Aug. 15)
The AFC-11 draws much attention of not only the Asian but also the global foundrymen. At present, totally 87 abstracts of technical papers from 15 countries and regions were received, which include the following titles list by countrys name.
42. Virtual analysis of the influence of a filter on mould filling
      Zhian Xu, Rob Van Tol, Ilse Evenepoel, Sebastian De Boodt, Peter Verschueren
85. A robust (blockage-free), reliable,environmentally friendly, lower cost metal treatment station for aluminium foundries
Philippe Kientzler, Jun Pascual
21. Section thickness-dependent tensile properties of squeeze cast magnesium alloy AM60
Zhang Xuezhi, Henry Hu
2. Low-carbon alloy steel casting lost foam      technology
Wang Xinjie
4. Effect of Ag and riser system on the porosity content in A201 aluminum alloy plate castings
Yeong-Sant Kuo
6. Comparison of the effect of Al5Ti1C and    Al5Ti0.45B master alloys on mechanical         property of A356.2 aluminum alloy wheel
Liu Honglei, Liu Hongfeng
8. Progress on modeling and simulation of       unidirectional solidification of superalloy         turbine blade casting
Liu Baicheng
9. Aluminum melts degassing by ultrasonic     irradiation
Li Junwen, Tadashi Momono
10. Effect of ultrasonic treatment on graphite   morphology of grey cast iron
Li Junwen, Xu Guang
11. Using ultrasonic technology to degas          commercial   pure magnesium
He Lina, Li Junwen
15. Cellular automaton simulation of the          peritectic solidification of a C-Mn steel
Su Bin, Han Zhiqiang, Liu Baicheng
16. Application of V-process foundry in           production of wind energy castings
Li Zilong, Ma Hongwei, Chen Hongbin
22. Influence of the installed position of side   dam to the temperature field and the stress       field in twin-roll strip casting technology
Song Xiaowei, Sun Binyu
23. Effect of ultrasonic vibration on gas-content in both molten melt and semi-solid slurry of Al-Si alloy
Wu Shusen, Ma Qianqian, Mao Youwu, An Ping
24. To improve enterprise resource planning application effect by using box computing idea
Ji Xiaoyuan, Zhou Jianxin, Tang Hongtao, Liao Dunming
25. Application of TPM in exhaust manifold productivity process
Qiao Yongtao, Lin Xinmian, Liang Qinfeng, Zhao Xinwu, Zhang Guoqing, Jiang Fengtao
27. Performance and mechanism of sodium silicate sand by ester-microwave composite hardening
Wang Huafang, Fan Zitian, Li xuejie, Liu Fuchu, Yu Shaoqiang
29. The microstructure characteristics of white cast iron with vibration in lost foam casting
Xiao Botao, Fan Zitian, Jiang Wenming, Wang Yingdong, Xu Jia, Zong Xiaoming, Long Wei, Dong Xuanpu
30. The Exploration and Practice of Vacuum Casting Technique for Aluminium Alloys
Ye Shengping ,Yan Xuan, Xu Qi
33. Effects of Al-Ti-C-Gd master alloy on microstructure and mechanical properties of as-cast Mg-8Li-3Al alloy
Hao Hai, Li Ming, Zhang Aimin, Zhang Xingguo
35. Microstructure and mechanical properties of austempered high boron cast iron
Zheng Shuai, Chen Xiang, Li Yanxiang
38. Geometric models of optimal riser design in steel casting process based on genetic algorithm
Shen Xu, Zhou Jianxin, Shao Xiong, Liao Dunming, Gong Xuedan
43. Applicable group core and anti-gravity low pressure casting technique
Xiong Xingzhi
44. A study of numerical simulation for aeration sand filling-squeezing molding process
Li Hua, Wu Junjiao, Huang Tianyou, Makino Hiroyasu
45. Auto design of riser for castings
Kang Jinwu, Wang Tianjiao, Hao Xiaokun, Huang Tianyou
46. Measurement of mold temperature during casting process by infrared thermal imaging system
Kang Jinwu, Hao Xiaokun, Nie Gang, Long Haimin, Wang Tianjiao and Huang Tianyou
47. The testing of the shear energy of moulding sand and the evaluations of its toughness
Xie Feng, Huang Tianyou, Wu Junjiao
51. Innovative practice in aluminum alloy casting produced by V-process
Ye Shengping, Yan Xuan, Xu Tongsheng, Yang Huanqiao
52. Numerical simulation of directional solidification microstructure of Ti-45Al alloy based on CA method
Xu Jixiang, Cheng Jin, Xu Qingyan, Zhang Hu, Zheng Lijing, Liu Baicheng
53. Microstructure characteristics and solidification behavior of rheo-diecasting wrought aluminum alloy 2024 by self-inoculation method
Li Yanlei, Li Yuandong, Li Chun, Wu Huihui
57. Strengthening characteristics of the samples produced by selective laser sintering with pearl coated sands
Li Jie, Shen Qiwen, Yu Lihua, Wen Shifeng, Liu Jie, Wei Qingsong, Shi Yusheng
59. Simulation of microstructure evolution of die cast AM60 Mg alloy considering the externally solidified crystals in the shot sleeve
Wu Mengwu, Xiong Shoumei
62. LFC technology by adopting foam pattern of high-performance coating which is burned to shell under conditions of negative pressure and rich oxygen and by vibration while casting
Liu Yuman, Liu Xiang
64. Effect of cooling rate on microstructure evolution of Al-Si-Mg alloy in sequential solidification process
Dang Bo, Liu Feng, Liu Yingzhuo
65. Application of ultrasonic irradiation in as-cast ZA27 alloy
Li Junwen
66. Core with easy clear up and high temperature resistance
Lai Xudong, Zhang Zhifeng
68. Microstructure and mechanical properties of Zn-Al-Mn-Cu-Mg alloy fabricated by spray forming
Liu Jingfu, Li Rongde
69. Stress numerical simulation of carbidic austempered ductile iron grinding ball and its failure analysis in falling sphere test
Peng Yuncheng, Yang Zhaoyu, Liu Jinhai, Jin Huijin, Li Guolu, Zhan Huiyou
71. Research and development on new type of cast high manganese steel
Sun Wei, Zhang Jia, Yan Jun, Ning Lingyan, Tian Xingna, Wang Junqing
72. Investment casting process of high-Cr iron wear-resistant materials used in shot blasting machine
Wang Shouren, Zhai Yongzhen, Chen Xuemei
76. Effects of ultrasonic vibration on Fe-containing intermetallic compounds of hypereutectic Al-Si alloys with high Fe content
Lin Chong, Wu Shusen, Zhong Gu, Wan Li, An Ping
79. Fabrication of Mg-Zn-Y-based quasicrystal alloys via different cooling media
Wang Zhifeng, Zhao Weimin, Hur Bo-Young, Cui Yan
81. A novel fading-resistant Al-3B grain refiner for Al-Si alloys
Chen Zongning, Wang Tongmin, Fu Hongwang, Li Tingju
82. Effect of heat treatment on microstructure of directly squeeze casting Al-17.5%Si alloy
Li Runxia, Xu Shiwen, Jiao Wenzhu, Yu Baoyi, Li Rongde
83. Effect of heat treatment on microstructure and properties of semi-solid extrusion Al-Fe alloy
Li Runxia, Luan Xinying, Li Qing, Zhang Jia, Yuan Xiaoguang, Li Rongde
84.  Applications and research processes of heavy section ductile iron
Deng Yu, Liu Zhe, Zhu Dezhi, Chen Weiping
13. Foundry world of the automotive industry - Requirements, experiences and challenges
Mustafa Ata
14. Casting process simulation - An innovation revolutionizes an industrial simulation of casting processes - A leap of innovation revolutionizes a technology thousands of years old
Christian Kleeberg
48. Methanesulfonic acid - The new eco-friendly hardener for furan resins
Henning Urch, Stefan Fassbender, Kelvin Chen
87.¡°Status quo¡± of the magneto-inductive testing¨C Innovation in industrial series testing by digital technology
Michael Maass, J*rgen Nehring, Detlef Slevers
7.  New methodology for consistently decreasing scrap rates
Staf Henderieckx
3. How to improve molten metal yield of aluminum gravity die castings?
Muthiah Thirugnanam
12. Phase decomposition in Al-6Mg alloy castings containing minor addition of scandium and zirconium
P. M. G. Nambissan, M. K. Banerjee
28. Hot tear defects a horror for steel foundries ¨C with case studies supported by AutoCAD simulations
Tapan Roy
75. Analysis of casting defects and identification of remedial measures ¨C A diagnostic study
D. N. Shivappa, Rohit, Abhijit Bhattacharya  
31. Optimization of well designing in vertical casting gating systems by MAGMA software and its effect on casting defect reduction
A. R. Modaresi and S. H. Mirzaei
73. The effect of Al2O3 coated graphite on MgO-C castables for steelmaking application
H. Rastegar, A. Nemati, S. Baghshahi, A. A. Norbakhsh
34. Microstructures and Mechanical Properties of Alloy Tool Steel Castings with Carbides Stabilizer Elements
Tohru Nobuki, Eiji Endo, Hideki Nakayama, Minoru Hatate
39. High-accuracy estimation and suppression control of sloshing for molten metal using generalized predictive control method
Ryota Shibuya, Hisashi Okatsuka, Yoshiyuki Noda, Kazuhiko Terashima
40. Modeling and control of press velocity without air entrainment in greensand mold press casting
Kosuke Sugiura, Ryosuke Tasaki, Kazuhiko Terashima
41. Experimental confirmation of physical metal penetration generation and die casting production considering molten metal¡¯s pressure control
Ryosuke Tasaki, Yoshiyuki Noda, Kazuhiko Terashima
5.  Abrasive wear of high manganese spheroidal vanadium carbides cast iron
Xinba Yaer, Kazumichi Shimizu, Hiroya Hara, Masahito  Tanaka
63. High-speed abrasion of cast irons
Masato Tsujikawa, Kanari Sawaya,
Koji Nakamoto
67. Pinning effect on migration of interface during peritectic transformation in Fe-C system
Liang Chen, Kiyotaka Matsuura, Daisuke Sato, Munekazu Ohno
70. A new riser-design-method using computer simulation
Itsuo Ohnaka, Jindong Zhu, Akira Sugiyama, Fumiaki Kinoshita
77. Erosive wear behavior of high chromium cast irons with different erodent particles
Takafumi Funabiki, Kazumichi Shimizu, Xinba Yaer, Hiroya Hara, Kenta Kusumoto, Masahito Tanaka
78.  Impact property of inoculated heavy section spheroidal graphite cast iron
Takahiro Sekine, Kazumichi Shimizu,Yoshikane Takamatsu, Toshimasa Tazukuri
86. Semisolid Casting with Ultrasonically Melt-Treated Billets of Al-7mass%Si Alloys
Yoshiki Tsunekawa, Masahiro Okumiya, Takahiro Motomura
32. Manufacturing process and mechanical properties of Al, Mg alloy foams
Seung-Reung Jeong, Bo-young Hur
36. Development of CAE service platform based on cloud computing in foundry
Sang-Hyun CHO
37.  Effect of the addition of copper and heat treatment on mechanical properties of low alloy ductile cast iron
Ki-Ho Park, Hae-Wook Kwon
49. Titanium turning scrap recycling by hydrogen plasma arc refining and electro magnetic continuous casting process
Hyun Jin Koo, Gang June Kim, Byung Moon Moon
50. Optimal criterion of the sound mold filling pattern for the gravity casting processes
Jun Ho Hong, Young Sim Choi, Ho Young Hwang, Jeong Kil Choi
55. Evaluation of defects in aluminum piston casting by using ultrasonic and computer tomography
In-Sung Cho, Jeong-Ho Hwang, Jin-Seok Yang, Seung-Mok Yoo, Chae-Ho Lim
56. Analysis of numerical heat transfer using Cut Cell
Young-Sim Choi, Jun-Ho Hong, Ho-Young Hwang
80. Compressive properties of AZ31 Mg alloy foams fabricated by melt-foaming method
Rui Zhao, Hyeong-Sue Seo1, Geon-Hak Lee, Ju-Hyeon Kim, Weimin Zhao, Bo-Young Hur 
1. Investigation on sand burn-on formed on steel casting while imposing vacuum (depression) in sand mould
Pervaiz Habibullah, Khawaja Altaf Hussain
58. Prediction of brittle temperature range (ZST and ZDT) of aluminium alloys using a simple empirical model
Suvanchai P, T. Umeda, Prasonk S
60. Numerical optimization of flow in shot sleeve based on plungers¡¯ size, filling ratio, and shot sleeve length
P. Kritboonyarit, E. Kittikhewtraweeserd, P. Dulayapraphant
61.  Runner balancing for un-balance multiple cavity die in high pressure die casting processes
P. Kritboonyarit, E. Kittikhewtraweeserd, P. Dulayapraphant
26. Effect of boron and heat treatment on the mechanical properties of the white cast iron for mining application
Havva Kazdal Zeytin, Hakan Y*ld*r*m, Banu Berme, Selim Duduo*lu, G*rkan Kazdal, S*leyman Duduo*lu, Adem Deniz
54. Avoiding shrinkage defects and maximizing yield in ductile iron
Doug White
17.  Effect of some factors on characterization of as-cast Ni74Cr16Mo5Ti4 superalloy ingot
To Duy Phuong, Do Th Duyen, Le Minh Tuan, Pham Duc Thang, Nguyen Khac Xuong 
18. Study on technology of producing silicon-aluminum alloys to obtain alloy¡¯s compositions and microstructure for diecasting
Le Minh Tuan, To Duy Phuong
19. The determination of thermal diffusivity and heat conduction of ceramic casting molds using computer simulation
Do Van Quang, Dao Hong Bach, Dinh Quang Nang
20. The development of novel corrosion and wear resistant high chromium white cast irons
Doan Dinh Phuong, Nguyen Van Tich, Truong Ngoc Than
74. The effect of cooling conditions in sand mould on properties of as cast ADC12
Pham Mai Khanh, Dinh Quang Nang
Nov 12, 2011   Registration
Nov 13, 2011   Plenary Session
Nov 14, 2011   Technical Sessions
Nov 15, 2011   Works Visits
Works Visits
Date: Tuesday  November 15, 2011
1.Guangdong Hongtu Technology (holdings) Co., Ltd.
Guangdong Hongtu Technology (holdings) Co., Ltd., founded in December 2000, is a state holding company. With an annual output of 33,000 tons aluminum die castings and a staff of 2,600, it is the biggest aluminum die-casting manufacturer in south China. The company occupies an area of about 130,000 square meters with building size of 90,000 square meters. It now has more than 300 sets of die-casting machines and CNC that are most imported from countries such as Italy, Japan, Switzerland, US, etc. The company provides services on die design and die manufacture as well as machining to the customers, and specializes in high pressure die-casting. It is oriented to focus on the development, design, manufacture, machining and sale of aluminum die castings and relevant parts applied in the fields of automobile, telecommunication and machinery.
2.ZhongTian ChuangZhan Ductile Iron Co.,Ltd
Established in 1980, ZhongTian ChuangZhan Ductile Iron Co., Ltd. is located at Gangbei Industrial Park, Foshan City. It is a private modernized enterprise specializing in scientific research, production and machining of ductile iron, vermicular graphite iron, gray cast iron, and special cast iron. The company covers an area of 35,000 square meters of which 25,000 square meters are building area. Its annual output is 40,000 tons in which ductile iron accounts for over 85%, and the maximum single piece weights 45 tons for ductile iron and 55 tons for gray cast iron. All of its castings are produced with furan resin sand and medium frequency induction furnace. Currently the castings are mainly used for engineering machinery, die casting machinery, injection molding machinery, automobile drawing die, wind power generation machinery, diesel engine, aluminum alloy hub, machining center, valve and spark machinery etc. Some of the products have been sold to Japan, USA, Israel, France, Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong of China, and so on.
(one paper limit one person)
Accompany Person
(Before Oct 31,2011)
US $300
US $240
US $100
On-site Registration
 (After Oct 31,2011)
US $350
US $300
US $150 
The registration fees includes plenary session,technical sessions, AFC-11 Proceedings,a welcome reception, works visits and meal. 

Definition of the accompanying person:   Any member of the family of the participant who does not work in the foundry industry or for its suppliers. 

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the AFC-11 Secretariat or email 
Fax: +86 24 25855793
Ocean Hotel Guangzhou
Add: No.412 Huanshi Dong Lu,Guangzhou,China

Room Type
£¡ì 780

About Guagzhou
Guangzhou, capital of Guangdong Province, is one of China's main industrial centers, covering an area of 7,434 square kilometers, and with a population of over 6 million.
Guangzhou's industry covers machinery, shipbuilding, textiles, sugar-refinery, household electrical appliances, computers, petrochemicals, light industrial products for daily use, rubber products and garments. The Guangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone situated in Huangpu has already taken shape. Guangzhou has advanced agriculture, abounding in rice, sugarcanes, fruits, freshwater fish and oil crops.
Guangzhou is communication hub of Guangdong Province, with railways and highways radiating in all directions, and convenient inland-water, coastal and ocean transport. Huangpu is the biggest seaport in the South, ranking fifth in volume of freight handled in China. Its airport stands also in the forefront in passenger transport.
Guangzhou is South China's biggest national-and-foreign-oriented city with flourishing commerce, and China's chief foreign trade center as well. It's also China's famous historical and cultural city. The city with long summer and no winter is always green with flowers in bloom all the year round, hence reputed as Flower City. Its scenic spots and historical sites include Guangxiao Temple, Liurong Temple and White Clouds Mountain scenic area etc.
Guangzhou has a humid, hot sub-tropical climate. Autumn is from October to December. It is very short, mostly pleasant with sunny and relatively cooler weather. This is one of the best times of the year for traveling in Guangzhou. The average low and high temperature is respectively at 20¡ãÊ (68¡ã„F) and 28¡ãÊ (83¡ã„F) in October, and 16¡ãÊ (60¡ã„F) and 24¡ãÊ (75¡ã„F) in November, and 11¡ãÊ (52¡ã„F) and 20¡ãÊ (68¡ã„F) in December. Prepare a light sweater and a coat is enough, but also a long-sleeve shirt when it is warmer during the day.
Air Transport
Guangzhou Baiyun Airport is 6 kilometers (about 4 miles) from Guangzhou urban area. In China, the passenger throughput of Baiyun Airport is only ranked after Beijing Capital Airport. Besides airlines to every part of China, there are 16 international air lines linking Guangzhou with Los Angeles in the USA, Amsterdam in Holland, Sydney and Melbourne in Australia, Osaka and Tokyo in Japan Paris in France, Seoul in South Korea, Lagos in Nigeria and South and Southeast Asian countries (including Vietnam, Laos, Burma, India, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia). It costs about 30 minutes taking a taxi from urban area to the airport costs, and the fare is about 20 yuan. Shuttle bus is also available, costing 3 yuan per person, and the shuttle bus sets out when the bus is full.
Trains Transport
There are five railway stations in Guangzhou: Guangzhou Railway Station, Guangzhou South Railway Station, Guangzhou East Railway Station, Guangzhou North Railway Station and Guangzhou West Railway Station. Guangzhou Railway Station is in Huanshi Road , and it is the largest and the most important station in Guangzhou, at present. Trains departing to Beijing, Wuhan, Nanjing, Chengdu, Chongqing, Xi'an, Lhasa and many other cities in China.
Coach/Bus Transport
There is a developed highway system in Guangzhou. Guang-Fo(Guangzhou-Foshan) Highway and Guang-Hua Highway were put into use in succession. Now, there are about 20 big long-distance bus stations in Guangzhou including the major ones of the Provincial Bus Station, Fangcun Bus Station, Guangzhou Passenger Transport Center, Tianhe Bus Station and Yuexiu South Bus Station, offering plenty of coaches to different cities and counties in and out of Guangdong Province.
Ship Transport
Guangzhou is located beside the Pearl River, and it is one of the most famous port cities in China.  The Pearl River is the second largest navigable canal in China, only ranked after the Yangtze River. Passengers can take ship to Hong Kong, Macau and Haikou.There are totally many ports in Guangzhou, including Humen Port, Xinsha Port, Huangpu Port, Nansha Port and many other inner ports. The ship routes links Guangzhou to hundreds of ports including domestic ports and abroad ports. Most of these ports are cargo ports. However, three ports provides service of passenger transport: Panyu Lotus Mountain Port provides high speed passenger liners to Hong Kong China Ferry Terminal in Hong Kong daily, Huangpu Port offers ships to Xiuying Port in Haikou and Nansha Port operates ships to Macau Maritime Ferry Terminal in Macau.
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Ms. Li Dafang    Ms. Cao Yang
Secretariat of the 11th Asian Foundry Congress
Add£º17 South Yunfeng Street£¬Tiexi District, Shenyang 110022,  P.R.China
Tel: +86 24 25851598   Fax: +86 24 25855793
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