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The 69th WFC
the 69th WFC
the 69th WFC
Appraisement from Mr. Xabier Gonzales Azpiri, Vice Chairman of WFO, for the 69th WFC 2010 on behalf of WFO
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Just a couple of words once arrived from Shanghai to Bilbao after the Congress, and still with the good memories fresh in mind.
      Thank you very much for your kind hospitality, and congratulations for the excellent world foundry congress held at Hangzhou !!!!!!!!!
      We had the opportunity to enjoy of an outstanding working frame, and even which is more important, of a great and friendly atmosphere, and a great hosting country.
      It has been an incredible experience that for sure we will never forget in our lifes.
      The organization of the Congress has been outstanding, and the feelings of the different participants (at least the ones closer to us, and the ones that I had the opportunity to talk to), have been totally positive.
      We enjoyed from the own contents of the Congress, the extraordinary organization, the Chinese hospitality and friendship, and a great city and a great country that hosted us extraordinarilly well during these days.
      I would like to transmit as well these feelings of gratitude to the complete organizing committee, for the huge personal efforts that you all have put into the organization, that has allowed such a successful event, with the special recognition from all the WFO executive members. 
      Congratulations and thank you very much for your kind attention and for your hard work that has allowed us to enjoy China !!!!!!!!!!!

Xabier Gonzales Azpiri
Tabira Foundry Institute-Spain
(Tabira Institute de Fundiciion)

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