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The 69th WFC
the 69th WFC
the 69th WFC
¡®XingYe¡¯ Reception
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In the noon, October 18, a ¡®XingYe¡¯ Reception was held for the congress by Suzhou Xingye Foundry Materials Co., Ltd. at the Banquet Hall of Zhejiang People¡¯s Great Hall. During the reception, a prize drawing activity was also held for those who attended the reception. Delegates applause time and again for drawing prize winners. 

¡¤WFO executives meet ¡¤CSR and KOCEL invest
¡¤Mr. Liu Siong Song, ¡¤200 thousand tonne d
¡¤Shanghai Sandmann (H ¡¤Volga Automotive Gro
¡¤4.5 billion (CNY) Do ¡¤The first large scal
¡¤Dalian Rubber & Plas ¡¤CITIC Dicastal alumi
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