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The 69th WFC
the 69th WFC
the 69th WFC
Appraisement from Mr. Xabier Gonzales Az (3857Hit) [10-12-22]
Works Visits (3441Hit) [10-12-22]
Launching Ceremony of the Second Yeong (2347Hit) [10-12-22]
Reception Buffet of ¡®Night of Foundrymen (2240Hit) [10-12-22]
¡®XingYe¡¯ Reception (2244Hit) [10-12-22]
Welcome Banquet of ¡®Night of Shengquan¡¯ (1362Hit) [10-12-22]
¡®Shengquan Cup¡¯ International Foundry Ph (1455Hit) [10-12-21]
China International Foundry Exhibition 2 (1828Hit) [10-12-21]
China-Poland Technical Exchanges (1533Hit) [10-12-21]
WFO 4.0 Technical Session (1334Hit) [10-12-21]
Closing Ceremony (2599Hit) [10-12-21]
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